Sep 2, 2008

White Stork (Λευκός Πελαργός - Ciconia ciconia)

A spectacular moment today at 08.00 am. 152 migrating white storks observed near Spata moving towards Markopoulo. Probably had stayed the night somewhere in the area and in the morning headed towards the South. It is known that most White Storks when migrating use two basic paths: Gibraltar and Vosporous. However it seems that smaller flocks must pass through the Peloponnese and Crete. Probably this was one of them. More information about White Stork migration at

Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for such a moment and didn't manage to get a picture.

Picture by Lior Kislev


Odysseas said...

Φοβερή σκηνή!

XarisK said...

πολυ καλη , οντως !!!!!